Quantum Touch and Reiki

Quantum Touch is a very powerful, non-invasive healing modality. Every one has a life force energy. What happens in Quantum Touch is the practitioner raises the frequency of their life force energy through breathing and sweeping methods. Then the energy of the client entrains (matches) that frequency. The body is such an amazing instrument that when its frequency is raised it knows exactly what to do to heal the person. 

Quantum Touch is wonderful for helping with all kinds of sprains and strains, reducing pain anywhere in the body, and alleviating symptoms of various illnesses. And Adhikari uses it a lot in healing emotional pain. She is a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner so contact her if you want a session. She has also learned that you can do wonderful Quantum Touch over video Skype....Adhikari putting her hands on that part of someone's body in need of healing...

Adhikari is also a Reiki III Master so can offer also Reiki healing.


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