Sacred Texts to Support Our Practice and Realization

 There is an amazing transmission that comes from sacred texts! Whether Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sufi, Muslin, etc. Take a moment and ask "What is This beyond words that gets transmitted through scriptures, gospels, sutras?" I remember years ago reading something of Mother Meera and feeling this fire within me. So for a couple years I offered intensives on Sacred Texts like "The Gospel of the Beloved Companion" and the "Zen Teachings of Huang Po." Both these texts encourage you to go beyond all judgments, you come to experience the joy of no distinction. 

      Now I am incorporating some of my favorite texts, like from Tao, Chan to support people learning not to judge or at least  see through their judgments and really live no distinction. I am calling them Sacha Gatherings and we meet every Saturday from 10:30am-noon when Adhikari is in Baltimore. 
I am calling them Sacha...which means "Truth" for as Huang Po says,  "The Buddha dwells not in light nor sentient beings in darkness for the 'Truth' allows no such distinction. Or as i would give a modern day example,  St. Teresa  is not "good" nor  the Koch brothers "bad" for who we truly are allows no such distinctions. Go to Meditation Offerings for details of the Sacha Gatherings.


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