Soul Retrievals - An Ancient Shamanic Practice

We all are whole and total in spirit. However, part of our soul-psyche, an expression of spirit, can split off from our soul psyche. This can happen due to trauma in the womb, this life, a past life or even something in the future. This splitting off can create a sense of something missing in the life or just that something is "off" in the life.

Soul retrievals are just as they suggest, a retrieving of those soul parts to the soul-psyche. They can be retrieved from the upper, middle, or lower world. After a soul retrieval a person can sometimes experience big shifts in the life. Other times the impact is very subtle. The soul retrieval allows for the wholeness of being to be experienced in a new way. 

The Native American Lakotas say all beings need a soul retrieval in their life. It is a mysterious, magical process that Adhikari loves to offer. Contact her if you want one! 

Prayer Ceremonies:

Prayer, like everything, cannot really be comprehended. In the deepest sense it is the Incomprehensible speaking to the Incomprehensible.

Adhikari offer prayer intensives on request. In these we engage in different prayer forms, silent, chanting, dancing from various traditions...Eastern, Lakota Native American, and Q'ero of Peru.

Central to prayer intensives is making despachos, an amazing artful, heartful, and powerful form of prayer, taught by the Queros of Peru. Intentions are manifested through despachos, with the help of Nature.

One assembles carefully selected items, recados, representing what one desires or the gratitude one feels. Then from the heart one puts them together creatively on paper,  which is then wrapped up in a bundle to offer Pachamana (Mother Earth) or Father Sky in exchange for Mother Earth or Father Sky granting that desire.


Adhikari offers a Prayer ceremony with her Chanupa, her Native American pipe, every summer solstice at the Sacred Tree in Baltimore. Sometimes she has people made despachos at this time. Contact her at for details.

Clearing the Family Soul:

Sometimes we experience patterns in ourselves that don't seem really "ours;" they seem rooted in patterns or trauma going generations back. In this powerful shamanic intensive( individually or as a group) we will go generations back to our first ancestors to clear and free past and future generations of dark or stuck energy or patterns. 

Through the magic and power of shamanic ceremony and our heart, with strong intention, great love and courage, compassion and forgiveness we will heal at very deep levels ourselves, our families, and all who came before us and will come after us. Thus we will contribute to freeing the whole human family. 

Ask Adhikari is you want to do an individual clearing the family soul or a group one.



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