The Invitation


Love calls.

To my Heart

I go.

Mystery happens,

Tears flow. 

What is 'This?

Where does 'It' Come from?

I do not know.

Not personal,

No measure,

No thoughts or words here,

This I know.

Nowhere else do I want to go.

Will you go?

To Be the Love We Are, we have to let go of all or ideas or who we are, everyone is...or at least see through them. We even have to let go of the idea of love,  for love is beyond any definition of love. It is really only believing in our thoughts that creates suffering in our lives and keeps us from being the love, joy, and peace we are in this life....and even going deeper to not knowing our true nature.   

How could anyone ever tell you who you are.

How could anyone claim to know.

How could any one put an idea on you.

How could anyone put a measure.

How could anyone fail to tell you

To your heart you must go

And open to the beauty of not knowing.

So this is the invitation...

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, "Who am I without thought of who I am?" Do not look for an answer. You will not find an answer in words. Just go to your heart or watch your breath. Let all thoughts come and go like bits of dust!  Thoughts are nothing! Feel the space all around you, open to how spacious you are.

And stop for a moment and ask, "Who or what animates all of life." I look outside and am in awe of what designs a bird's beek to crunch the birdseed and how the bird can fly and sing.  Who designed these thousands of blossoms of different colors and  how can I see them at all? It is so mysterious.  Consider for a moment the millions of miracles abounding. Will you open to this wonder?


Adhikari Sacha

Whether it be in meditation offerings, individual sessions offering healing or spiritual guidance, shamanic work or chanting, Adhikari is always inviting everyone to drop all our ideas, not pay attention to our thinking, and come out of love. When we see through our thoughts we see that all is love. You can listen to an  interview done of Adhikari by her samyama teacher, Sheila Foster at:

Though Adhikari is trained as a psychotherapist and is licensed as a LCSW-C., she feels everyone she sees is Whole, Total, not sick. Our being is love, joy, and peace. So she works with people from that perspective. She is totally inspired by her Beloved Guru ShantiMayi, whom she met in 1999 to give her life for the awakening of all. Yet Adhikari does not expect anyone to follow her spiritual path. She only wants to support you being the love you are.



The Gayatri Mantra:    Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yonah: Prachodayat

English Translation: Throughout all realms of experience, ‘That’ essential nature illuminating existence,

is the adorable One. May all beings perceive through subtle and meditative intellect, the magnificent brilliance 
of enlightened awareness.
This song is sung by Premo Durga, sax by Joep and other Sacha singers. The CD is called Sacha All Starrs and can be gotten at You can
reach Premo Durga for her singing more devotional songs by just googling her name. 


The Invitation
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